Grapefruit (Pink) Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus paradisi  

A middle note with a medium aroma, Grapefruit Pink has a fresh, sweet citrus smell that is very characteristic of the fruit.


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 Grapefruit – Pink Essential Oil 

Main Constituents:
 Limonene: 93.75% 

Origin: Mexico
Plant Description: Pink grapefruit, scientifically known as Citrus × paradisi, is a citrus tree prized for its juicy, pink-fleshed fruits. The tree features glossy green leaves and fragrant white flowers that give way to spherical or slightly flattened fruits. These fruits are renowned for their sweet-tart flavor and refreshing aroma. Pink grapefruit trees thrive in warm, subtropical climates with well-drained soil and ample sunlight. They are cultivated worldwide for their fruits, which are consumed fresh, juiced, or used in culinary dishes, beverages, and cosmetics. Additionally, pink grapefruit essential oil, extracted from the fruit peel, is valued in aromatherapy for its uplifting and invigorating scent, as well as its potential health benefits.
Plant Part: Peel 

Processing Method: Cold pressed  

History of Oil: The history of pink grapefruit essential oil spans centuries and continents. Originating from the peel of the Citrus × paradisi tree, it has been actively utilized in various cultures for its aromatic and medicinal properties.  

In the 18th century, grapefruit trees were first discovered in Barbados, where they were a result of natural cross-pollination between pomelo and sweet orange trees. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that pink grapefruit was cultivated commercially in the United States, particularly in Florida and Texas.  

Pink grapefruit essential oil gained popularity in the early 20th century when it was recognized for its fresh, citrusy scent and potential health benefits. It became a sought-after ingredient in perfumery, cosmetics, and natural remedies.  

During World War II, pink grapefruit essential oil was used to boost morale and uplift spirits, particularly among soldiers. Its invigorating aroma became synonymous with energy and vitality.  

In modern times, pink grapefruit essential oil continues to be cherished for its versatile applications. It is commonly used in aromatherapy to promote feelings of positivity, clarity, and relaxation. Additionally, it is valued in skincare for its astringent and cleansing properties. 

Today, pink grapefruit essential oil remains a beloved choice for its uplifting fragrance and potential wellness benefits, contributing to its enduring popularity in the world of aromatherapy and natural health practices.

Benefits/Suggested Uses:  

  • Grapefruit oil is often used in aromatherapy to help reduce appetite and cravings, making it beneficial for weight management and supporting healthy eating habits. 
  • It may aid in promoting digestion and relieving digestive discomfort such as indigestion, bloating, and gas due to its digestive stimulant properties. 
  • Grapefruit oil’s uplifting and energizing aroma is thought to help improve mood, reduce stress, and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. 
  • It can be used in skincare products for its astringent and antimicrobial properties, which may help treat acne, oily skin, and promote overall skin health. 
  • Grapefruit oil contains compounds that have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, which may help support the immune system and protect against infections. 
  • It may help promote healthy hair and scalp by reducing oiliness, stimulating hair growth, and adding shine to hair strands. 

Blends well with: other members of the citrus family, Rosemary, Cypress, Lavender, Geranium, Cardomom, and generally most spice oils 

Harmony Naturals’ Products: Single note, Liquid Sunshine Roller, Spray: Citrus Spice, Happy Day, Essential oil blends: Happy Day, Citrus Spice, Citrus Surprise, and Mellow Yellow
Cautions: This essential oil may contain phototoxic properties and it is suggested to avoid exposure to the sun after application to the skin. Dilute well before use; for external use only. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided. 

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