Harmony Naturals was born from the belief that part of creating a healthy environment for ourselves and families means using products on our skin and in our homes that our bodies naturally understand. 

Lindsay and Kim (Harmony Naturals’ creators) dabbled in aromatherapy over the years, as each of us knew of the versatility of essential oils but we hadn’t done much with them in recent years.  The blessing and curse known as Pinterest, reignited our interest in aromatherapy!  Kim dusted off her old books and starting taking online courses to feed her knowledge and started incorporating essential oils in her massage therapy practice (Kim is a veteran Licensed Massage Therapist) and Lindsay began devouring all the information she could find on essential oils and began making all of her own cleaning products.  Living in different states, we each were busy creating our own blends and recipes and comparing notes, but we had always talked about someday starting a business together.  The deeper we both went into research, we kept finding a dirty little secret over and over again… natural products are really over-priced (and not always natural)!  We thought they could be done better and when Kim decided to open a new massage therapy office, the perfect opportunity presented itself.  As misers, entrepreneurs and essential oil lovers, we knew it was time to create our own line of products.  Lindsay relocated to join Kim in Lansing, Michigan, and Harmony Naturals was born!   ~Kim

Our products are made with one simple philosophy in mind, Nurture with Nature.