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Hi! I’m Lindsay and one half of Harmony Naturals. I’d like to tell you how I met Kim and a bit of my journey to essential oils. This story takes place over twelve years, so I will jump around, sparing you YEARS of details.

The summer of 2007 was an unprecedented summer. I was unemployed, taking classes full-time and volunteering at the local animal shelter. While volunteering, I fell in love with a dog, Zoey. I knew if she was going to live with me, I would have to get a job. I knew a friend of a friend from my hometown working at a local franchise of a midwestern chain of Irish Mexican restaurants. I got a job as a server, cementing Zoey’s place in my life. I worked with Kim at this restaurant. She learned why I sought out that job. I learned that she was a training server, a mom, and a massage therapist (Yes, she was busy even then!)

Months later…
I got a massage with Kim. She was making sprays and other things with essential oils at the salon she worked at. I fell in love with one spray, using it everywhere!  This was my first experience with essential oils, but I wasn’t hooked nor did I know the difference between fragrance oil and essential oil.

Years later… Kim and I had both moved around for various reasons: school, careers, and/or family. Throughout these moves, we remained friends. Another constant was her trying to talk me into moving to where she lived. In 2014, I came to Lansing, Michigan for a visit. “Just a visit” was a common phrase used by me during and before this visit. One highlight of this trip was a visit to a psychic medium (because why not?). This visit prompted more in-depth conversations about relaxation, anxiety and meditation. Those conversations led to lavender essential oil. Lavender ended up being my introduction to essential oils. Soon after lavender, I ordered a starter set (without doing any company research-EEK!) and I was HOOKED! I had been making laundry soap for years to save money so I began researching other ways to use essential oils to save money (DIY cleaning!!) I was on my feet a lot and my legs would swell something terrible, so I came up with a lotion to use on myself. I’d put it on before bed, and the next morning my legs would feel brand new! It seemed almost magical, so I named it Magic Potion Lotion. My passion for natural remedies was ignited!

Months later…
I accepted a position as a store manager at a convenience store in my hometown. My intention was to work this job until I was in a position to start a version of Harmony Naturals, either on my own, with Kim, or with my brother.

Two years later…
Kim opened her own stand alone massage therapy office! With her new office came more staff. More staff meant more help for her and (should have) meant Kim having more free time. I was still working for a convenience store, but a different location and I did not handle it very well. I knew what needed to be done at work but mentally, I was falling apart and not doing my job. I was working more than ever and didn’t have time to decompress. I called Kim one night and confessed how unhappy I had been feeling. Working an average of 65 hours a week for two years takes a toll! Situational depression is real, but talking about it made me feel better and open to trying to make some changes. I went apartment hunting, job searching. It still didn’t feel right, something was off. I called Kim again. This time I told her I was moving to Lansing and we were going to start this business. The minute I told her, I knew it was the right choice. She was in shock! She didn’t believe me. My move date was months away, so we had time to plan my move and some business stuff. Still, I know she didn’t believe me until she saw the U-Haul pull up to her house.

It’s been a journey to get to this point! I’ve had setbacks of homesick nights and days. We’ve had successes: this site, an awesome location to sell our products, and the support of our loving families. Slowly but surely we are building this company! I wouldn’t have been able to do this myself. I know that now that I am up here working with Kim. Our friendship continues to grow as our passion for this business grows!

Oily yours,