Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Pelargonium graveolens L’Her
Plant Part: Leaves and Flowers
Origin: China
Processing Method: Steam distilled

Note: Middle
Strength: Strong
Aromatic Summary: This essential oil has a stronger scent with a dry floral aroma.
Attributes: Purifying, Soothing, Normalizing

Benefits/Suggested Uses: uplifts and counteracts depression, destroys or controls pathogenic bacteria, contracts and tightens tissues, promotes healing through the formation of scar tissue, counteracts body odors, increases the production and secretion of urine, helps to stop bleeding, invigorates and strengthens the body, promotes the healing of wounds, prevents tissue degeneration
Blends well with: Basil, Bergamot, Citronella, Clary Sage, Fennel, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Neroli and Nutmeg

Harmony Natural Products: #tbt: Turn Back Time, B3: Baby Buns Balm, H3: Help Hands Heal, Spazless Roller, Natural Insect Repellent, Essential oil blends: Bright Eyes, Spazless

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